Singapore-based Interior Design Agency


Tender reciprocal love
between sellers and buyers
is indeed possible.
“Very friendly and customer oriented… Patient and will give good ideas for your consideration… Will work within your budget and still give you quality”
- Smurf11

“His quotation is most competitive. He is also very patient, took his time to explain all the details and showed us all the different materials, highlighting all the pros and cons of all the different materials.”
- Greenyen

“Pricing is reasonable. No doubt there will always be something cheaper; not worth saving the dime for quality and time. Most commendable would be their commitment to quality. If they don’t get it right the first time, they will get it right.”
- Bearz

“I must really give credits to my ids, Peter and Loy, and the team of Voila’s workers.  I really see that they put in the efforts to rush my house reno works so I can move-in in time.”
- LordVader