Tender reciprocal love
between sellers and buyers
is indeed possible.

The man behind our project ‘Renovation 101’ thank you Jason for your professionalism and most importantly, from client to friendship. Celebrating our beginning with a complimentary cake from Voila.”
– Gina Chin

“We were lucky to have found them, who genuinely cared about our home. And that comes across in our home. When our friends and family visit, everyone has their own favourite detail of choice.”
– Monica Parkinson

“His quotation is most competitive. He is also very patient, took his time to explain all the details and showed us all the different materials, highlighting all the pros and cons of all the different materials.”
– Greenyen

“It was kinda a sign when we found VOILÀ on FB & then Qanvast recommended u guys to us!”
– AJaed Koesla

“Thank you for listening and being attentive to our needs and request for our home.”
– Shazila Halifi

“Super duper responsive to any of our questions and she’s always ready to come up with better more feasible ideas. Overall renovation process went on as smooth as it could.”
– Nadia Ng-Bech

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